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The Tenancy Deposit Scheme for Regulated Agents (TDSRA)

The scheme has been introduced to ensure that the deposits agents hold are protected and that disputes about their return are resolved swiftly, inexpensively and impartially.

Under the Scheme

  • Spy-iDeposits will be protected during the tenancy
  • Where there is no dispute at the end of the tenancy, deposits will be returned promptly
  • Where there is a dispute about the return of the deposit it will be dealt with fairly by the Independent Complaints Examiner (ICE)
  • The ICE will make its decision quickly, and the deposit will be paid out without unnecessary delay.

Note that, in order to resolve any dispute, one must have an inventory in place: without which there is no proof of the property’s original condition.

For more information on the TDSRA please visit www.tds.gb.com

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