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What is an inventory?

Spy iAn inventory is an accurate and detailed description of the interior of a property; recording the furniture and fittings and also describing the decorative order. By using an impartial company, this report will allow an accurate comparison to be made at the end of the tenancy and thus is primarily used to prevent or resolve any dispute between landlord and tenant.

Inventories will include every item, with description and comments on any deficiencies/damages and the working order of certain items. Once the accuracy of the report is agreed, it becomes a binding document.

What is a check in?

This process is completed immediately prior to the commencement of the tenancy. The aim is to ensure that the inventory provides an accurate and fair description of the condition of the décor, contents, fixtures, fittings and furnishings. Where possible items are tested for power and utility meter readings and details of keys/fobs to be handed over are noted.

Both parties are entitled to add any extra handwritten notes to the inventory before a table detailing the overall general condition of the property is produced and the Declaration signed.

What is a check out?

This report is produced to ensure that an accurate end of tenancy comparison is made. All items are checked and any damaged /missing items are listed and photographed.

Inventory Updates

Where Spy-i Ltd has prepared an inventory on a property that is being re-let, we will attend the property and update the report at a discounted rate of £35 + the check in costs.

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